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Consult with a legal professional and accountant to choose a legal structure for your business, register with the Secretary of State, and obtain an EIN.

Register Your Business with the Colorado Secretary of State

What is Colorado Secretary of State Registration?

Registering your business is a filing that provides legal authority to conduct business and operations in the state of Colorado.

Why your business needs to Register with the Colorado Secretary of State

Registering with the Colorado Secretary of State is a legal requirement for most businesses operating in Colorado.

How to Register Your Business

  1. Before registering your new venture, you must determine the legal structure of your business
  2. Choose a unique name and confirm its availability in the Secretary of State's Name Availability Tool.
  3. The specific documents you need to file depend on the type of business you want to form. For example, if you're forming a limited liability company (LLC), you must file Articles of Organization. If you're creating a corporation, you must file Articles of Incorporation.
  4. You can file your documents online. To file online, use the Business Organizations Section of the Colorado Secretary of State website. From there, you can submit your formation documents and pay the filing fee with a credit card or electronic check.
  5. Once your documents are filed and your fee is paid, the Colorado Secretary of State will review your filing and let you know if you need additional information or corrections. If everything is in order, they will approve your filing, and your business will be registered with the Secretary of State of Colorado.

Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

What is an Employer Identification Number?

An Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is like a Social Security Number, but for your business. You might also see an EIN referred to as a Federal Tax Identification Number, FTIN or TIN. It helps both you and those you do business with identify your business as a unique entity.

Why does my business need an EIN?

US businesses require an EIN for a variety of reasons. An EIN helps the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, identify your business quickly and easily. If you want to do business with the City or any other governmental agency, you will need an EIN to complete various forms and applications.

How do I obtain an EIN?

EINs are easy to obtain and _entirely free_. They are issued by the IRS. The application to obtain an EIN can be completed online. Simply visit the IRS Website - Employer ID Numbers and click “Apply for an EIN Online." You can also apply for an EIN via fax, mail or phone, but the process will generally take a little longer. The directions for each of these methods can be found on this page. Be sure to download, save, and print the EIN letter right away. If you lose or misplace this document, you will have to contact the IRS to re-issue the letter by mail.

How long does it take to obtain an EIN?

The online application to obtain an EIN takes a matter of minutes. After you have completed the application successfully, an EIN will be issued to you right away. However, please note that the online EIN service is only available on weekdays between 6 AM and 9 PM Central Time. Applying for an EIN via fax takes about a week, while applying by mail takes between four to five weeks.

Obtain a Sales & Use Tax License from the City of Golden

What is a Sales & Use Tax License?

A Sales & Use Tax License is a license that businesses operating in the City of Golden must obtain in order to legally conduct business and collect sales tax.

Why do I need a sales & use tax account?

You need a Sales & Use Tax License for a few key reasons:

  • It is required by law; the municipal code states all businesses must obtain one to operate in Golden legally.
  • It allows you to collect sales tax from customers and remit it to the city. Without a license, you cannot legally collect sales tax.
  • Displaying the license visibly shows customers you are licensed and authorized to collect sales tax.
  • Renewing it periodically allows the city to monitor your business for tax compliance.
  • For temporary vendors, the deposit provides an incentive to file required tax returns.

How do I apply for a sales & use tax account?

Here are step-by-step instructions for obtaining a Sales & Use Tax License in Golden, Colorado:

  1. Determine if your business needs a license. All businesses operating in Golden require one, with few exemptions.
  2. Print the license application from the city website or obtain it from the Finance Department. Fill it out fully and accurately.
  3. Submit the completed application and $20 fee to the Finance Director by mail or in person.
  4. If requested, provide any additional documents or information needed to process your application. For businesses with a physical location in Golden, Gather Location-Specific Information.
  5. Allow 2-3 weeks for the Finance Department to review your application and request comments from other city departments.
  6. Once approved, you will receive your sales tax license by mail. Display it prominently at your business location.
  7. If operating temporarily, pay a $50 deposit and allow extra time for approval.
  8. Charities must provide proof of nonprofit status to waive the license fee.
  9. Contractors and small rentals are exempt from licensing if registered/licensed with the city already.
  10. Renew your license by the expiration date every 2 years to avoid late fees. Notify the city of any business changes.
  11. Some Licenses require a monthly filing, even if reporting $0. Make sure to check with the Finance Department when you apply to understand your renewal requirements.

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