Short-Term Rental Application

What is a Short-Term Rental?

A Short-Term Rental is any dwelling, dwelling unit or portion of any dwelling unit rented or leased for valuable consideration to a particular person or persons for periods of time less than 30 days, but excludes commercial boarding and rooming houses, hotels, motels, or tourist homes. See the Short Term Rentals webpage and consult Ordinance No. 2078 for more information.

Obtain Food Safety Compliance with Jefferson County

What is Food Safety compliance?

The Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) Food Protection and Safety Program works to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks and assure that Jefferson County citizens and visitors are provided with safe food. Staff routinely inspects food service operations, such as restaurants, delicatessens, school cafeterias and retail markets to ensure compliance with Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations.

How do I apply for Food Safety Compliance?

  1. Learn more by visiting the Jefferson County Environmental Health Website.
  2. Consult the Guide to Starting Your Food Business.
  3. Locate and submit the proper application(s) to Jefferson County Environmental Health. Contact their office at 303-232-6301 for more information.
  4. While there is no food-specific licensure requirement in the City of Golden, ensure your sales & use tax account is established prior to operating your business.

Apply for a Liquor License

What is a Liquor License?

The application for a liquor license is a process where an individual or business submits a request to the local liquor licensing authority to obtain permission to possess, sell, and offer for sale various types of liquors and fermented malt beverages.

Why does the License exist?

These regulations exist to control the sale and consumption of alcohol within the city, ensuring that only qualified and responsible entities are allowed to sell alcohol. They also help to maintain public safety and order by preventing the unlawful sale of alcohol.

How do I apply for a Liquor License?

  • Submit an application to the local liquor licensing authority, which consists of a sole hearing officer appointed by the city council.
  • Ensure that the applicant is over the age of 21 years and has sufficient knowledge and expertise to apply and enforce the State of Colorado Beer Code, Liquor Code, Special Events Code, and Code of Regulations.
  • Comply with the rules of procedure and regulations concerning the application and renewal processes, procedures for hearings before the authority, and the presentation of evidence at such hearings.
  • If applying for a hotel or restaurant license, be aware of the distance restrictions from schools, colleges, universities, or seminaries. The city council has the authority to make a specific finding on the impact of granting the license on these institutions.
  • If planning to conduct tastings, submit an application for an annual tastings permit to the city clerk. The city clerk prepares the file for review by the local liquor licensing authority.

Contact the City Clerk for more information.

Contractor Licensing

What is Contractor Licensing?

Contractor Licensing refers to the process where a person who undertakes to build, construct, alter, repair, add to, renovate, move or wreck any building or structure or any portion thereof within the city, obtains a registration to legally conduct business as a contractor.

Why do Contractors have to License?

The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that contractors are qualified and competent to perform the work they are hired for. This helps to maintain safety standards, protect consumers from unqualified workers, and uphold the quality of construction within the city.

How do I apply for a Contractor License?

  1. Applications for registration are to be made at the office of the building official.
  2. The application form is provided by the building official and must be completed to the reasonable satisfaction of the building official.
  3. Each applicant must pay an annual registration fee set by the city council at the time of application.
  4. The registration expires at midnight on the one year anniversary of the issue date unless re-issued for another year. Re-issuance requires the re-submittal of an application and full payment of the required annual fee.
  5. A registered contractor is required to notify the building official of any changes in name or address within 30 days after the change.
  6. Registered contractors must always have a current registration certificate when performing contract work within the city and must present the registration when requested by the building official.
  7. No registration issued under the municipal code can be assigned or transferred in any manner.
  8. For more information, see Sec. 15.01.030-070.

Retail Marijuana Licensing and Taxation

Disclaimer: The City of Golden will regulate up to four (4) licensed establishments. Consult the Regulated Marijuana Licensing page for current information.

Businesses must obtain a license from the state's Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) in order to grow, process, test, or sell retail marijuana. Licenses are issued for medical and retail marijuana businesses separately. There are five types of retail marijuana business licenses:

  1. Retail Marijuana Store - allows sale of marijuana and marijuana products to adults 21+
  2. Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturing - allows production and packaging of marijuana-infused products
  3. Retail Marijuana Cultivation - allows cultivation of marijuana for sale to licensed retailers
  4. Retail Marijuana Testing Facility - allows testing of marijuana products for potency and contaminants
  5. Retail Marijuana Transporter - allows transportation of marijuana between licensed businesses

While The City of Golden, CO, does not require additional licensing at the local level, there is a retail marijuana tax (6% as of August 2022) along with State taxation requirements to be collected by retailers from customers at the time of sale and remit it to the city. See Municipal Code Chapter 3.11 and visit the Colorado Department of Revenue's Marijuana Sales Tax Webpage for more details.

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